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Li-Fire Blankets

Discover Li-Fire Blankets, the ultimate solution for combating EV fires. Made of 100% ultra-fine glass fiber with silicone coating, they offer exceptional heat and corrosion resistance. Contain flames, smoke, and toxic fumes in seconds. Contact your local rep today!

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Li-Fire Blankets

Defeat EV Fires

Exceptional Performance: With outstanding heat resistance and corrosion resistance, Li-Fire blankets are designed to contain flames, smoke, and toxic fumes within seconds, ensuring maximum safety during a car fire. High-Quality Materials: The Car Fire Blanket is made of 100% ultra-fine glass fiber and is coated with silicone on both sides.

The EV Problem

EV fires from lithium-ion batteries emit toxic gases and can reignite long after the initial incident. Special firefighting measures are required, complicating recovery and towing processes.

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Explore Li-Fire

Equip your department with the right size Li-Fire Blanket to ensure you’re prepared for any fire emergency.


Contact your local representative to discuss your specific needs and to find the perfect blanket size for your requirements. Stay protected with Li-Fire – the ultimate solution for EV fire safety.

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