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Sava Tech products

Sava Trelleborg

Genesis Rescue Systems is a seller of Sava Trelleborg products. Please contact your area Rescue Systems Unlimited rep for more information.


Lift Up Your Rescue Capabilities

Discover Sava Trelleborg's ultimate lifting solutions! Our low-pressure bags, equipped with TOP GRIP pads, ensure secure lifting of large objects. Medium-pressure bags offer high lifts with a gentle touch. High-pressure bags deliver unparalleled force in tight spaces. Elevate performance with our new FLAT BAGS, providing unmatched stability and height. Experience the innovative NOVA & VEGA bags, revolutionizing rescue and recovery. Enhance every lift with Sava Trelleborg’s precision inflation accessories for optimal performance. Contact us today to get equipped!


Lifting Bags

High Pressure

NOVA & VEGA family of lifting bags, a novelty in our high-pressure lifting bags assortment, will astonish with its lifting capacity and pressure class. With boosting the already proven properties of our existing assortment we introduce a new concept in the field of rescue and recovery. Introducing new design with many new features on both, the bags and the accessories. Download our catalogue or contact us today! 

Lifting Bags

Medium Pressure

Medium-pressure lifting bags provide high lifts. They have a soft footprint which makes them ideal for lifting softer structures since the lifting force is spread over a wider area. These bags provide higher lift distance and conform to many surfaces. Download our catalogue or contact us today! 


Lifting Bags

Low Pressure

Low-pressure lifting bags are used for lifting very large objects. They have special TOP GRIP pads bonded to the top and bottom of the bag. Top Grip pad offers heavy duty protection from slipping, puncture, abrasion and premature wear. Used for uprighting trucks, rail cars, and other types of vehicles or structures.


Hoses, Controllers, Adapters and more

Inflation accessories have been designed for precision control, high reliability and long life. They are used with all of our lifting bags – from the source of air to controllers.

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