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Extrication Training in Georgia, What We Learned

When we arrived in Vienna, Georgia this past weekend I had no idea we’d meet such a capable team of firefighters. What we hear from rural areas is that they have longer response times. They often see vehicle accidents with heavy entrapment and even secondary entrapment. I hear over and over again how the Genesis SL3 and Sli tools have made an impact under these conditions.

Being on site training the members of Vienna Fire Department and surrounding departments like Pinehurst was a great time and knowing these members are becoming experts at vehicle stabilization, cribbing, patient care and using the tools like the hydraulic and batter powered cutters, spreaders and cordless Milwaukee tools Fire is a game changer.

Thank you Vienna Fire Department for hosting our training and having me on site to share some tips and tricks. Your community is lucky to have you. Stay safe.

Jarvis Bedford

Georgia Sales Representative

Rescue Systems Unlimited



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