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Rescue Redefined | Partners in Vehicle Extrication

By Jarvis Bedford, Georgia Sales

Rescue Systems Unlimited had the privilege of being a partner in a two-day Rescue Redefined interactive training program held in Southeast Georgia. This training program was aimed at improving the skills of the first responders from Camden County and the surrounding areas in vehicle extrication, new vehicle technology, and patient care.

Rescue Redefined is a dynamic and innovative organization that partners with Georgia EMS to provide exceptional training to first responders across the state. They are known for redefining the way rescue operations are conducted by incorporating new technologies, techniques, and best practices in their training programs.

The program attracted twenty-seven students from Camden County, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, who were eager to learn and hone their skills in the latest rescue techniques. The students were a mix of experienced first responders and fresh recruits who were looking to learn from the best in the business.

The two-day training program was intense and interactive, with a focus on practical learning. The students were trained on the latest vehicle extrication techniques, including the use of hydraulic tools, winches, and stabilization equipment. They also received training on how to safely remove patients from damaged vehicles, while ensuring their safety and minimizing further injury.

The program also covered the latest vehicle technology, including electric and hybrid vehicles, and the unique challenges they pose for first responders during rescue operations. The students were also trained on patient care, including how to administer basic life support, and how to stabilize and transport patients to medical facilities.

Throughout the program, the students were given hands-on experience and had the opportunity to work with the latest equipment and technology. They were also provided with opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification from the expert trainers.

Rescue Redefined is a game-changer in the world of rescue operations. Their dedication to excellence in training and their commitment to incorporating the latest technologies and techniques in their programs have revolutionized the way rescue operations are conducted across the state of Georgia.

If you're interested in learning more about Rescue Redefined, check them out online. Their website is packed with valuable resources, including training programs, news and events, and industry insights.


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