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Why SLi Genesis Extrication Tools Are a Game-Changer for your Department

Genesis Extrication
SLi Extrication

One big advantage of the Genesis SLi line of tools over the SL3 and other tools is the incorporation of a three-stage pump. In the SLi line, our engineers have strategically positioned a three-stage pump, optimizing the tool's performance within the 0 to 10,500 PSI range. This adjustment caters to the typical pressure requirements for most extrications, ensuring efficient operations.

Additionally, the introduction of the third stage enhances the tool's velocity through the stages while maintaining the capability to handle ultra high-strength steel and Boron encountered in newer vehicles. This feature empowers the tool to operate at 10,500 PSI when necessary, while also enabling a prolonged stay in the second stage, consequently extending the battery life and boosting the tool's overall speed.

For questions regarding the SLi or any other product from Genesis, please feel free to contact our office or explore our website at or call (850) 698-2457!


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