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Secure an AFG Grant for your Department

Prepare for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program! The application period opens on January 29 and continues until March 8.

Gain invaluable information and attend the FEMA AFG Workshops covering application fundamentals, narrative development, and more. Get direct answers from FEMA Grant Specialists.

To get ready for FY2023 AFG application period, take these actions:

1️⃣ Verify your organization's active account status and coordinate with local officials.

2️⃣ Join a 2023 AFG Application Development Workshop Webinar.

3️⃣ Perform a Risk Assessment to identify pressing needs.

4️⃣ Estimate costs for requested items – give us a call today.

5️⃣ Establish a committee and develop specifications if requesting a vehicle.

6️⃣ Use the Application Checklist to gather necessary information.

7️⃣ Start drafting the four scored sections of the application narrative using the Self-Evaluation Sheets.

8️⃣ Write your narrative and get feedback before the application period opens.

Don't miss out on funding! Call us today.

AFG Grants
AFG Grants


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